Petition to Save the Community Start-Up Benefit

Aug 31, 2012

News source: St. Stephen's Community House

St Stephen's Community House has started a petition to save the Community Start-Up Benefit (CSUMB) and the Home Repairs Benefit (HRB). They are hoping to collect as many signatures as possible to be presented to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

from the petition:
CSUMB is a much needed program. It has helped many people move to a new home, stay in their existing home, prevent shut off of utilities and pay overdue rent and utility bills. The Home Repairs Benefit helps people who live in their own homes to make repairs. People on social assistance live on very low incomes, and hence cant afford these costs. Cutting these two benefits will add a financial burden that will make many people unable to find and keep housing. It will also put more pressure on other social services as people lose their homes and fall deeper into poverty and homelessness.

These cuts make no sense given the Ontario Government is currently reviewing social assistance. Making these cuts undermine this important process of reform. This loss also sends a dangerous signal that the Ontario Government wants to reform social assistance to save money rather than to improve the lives of people on social assistance.

Please download the petition (see the .pdf attached below) and share it with colleagues and clients.

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